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Date: 04/06/02 20:42

By: Junkie Doodle Profile

Subject: RE: What's wrong with XML?

I am working as a coder. And [please understand me] what a pitty i have to work with designers too. And we used to have the same problem in our projects.

1. XSL is not for designers. XSL requires programming knowledge, which is NOT for designers. And I dont want to do it myself or be bugged once in ten minutes to help a designer about it.

2. Using FastTemplate like solutions can be problemful sometimes. And if we have to think about the best way, the very best intelligent way for our projects, sometimes it may be much better to not to use external components, for example if you need to code a critical mission. Then i'm telling you what we are doing...

- Have meetings with designers before the project is started and documentate your projects. Let everyone knows what will be published on each page. Give the names of variables you will insert in HTML [$this_var_is_dummy]. Do NOT write guerilla code. Just code for efficiency of project and do NOT add extra items just because you CAN. Dont forget that nobody is judging your abilities, people just look for their job is done AS they wanted.

- Start coding on your dummy pages with real page names. And use your documentation to see what datas you need to create on each page. Use "br"s instead of tables, seperate your rows with "hr"s... forget about design and think about creating your datas. - DO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO ABOVE HTML and just put your variables inside html like <td><?=$this_var_is_dummy?></td>

- Train your designers about loops that we usually use to publish query results. And prepare your code for embedding as little packages.

- Tell designers to put the variable names instead of live data on their designs like <td>this_var_is_dummy</td>

- Make your code running on your own dummy interface

- Leave it to your designers to embed it for you.

- And go out, have fun, call your girl/boy friend

- Relax this is PHP


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